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47 months ago

I am looking for songs about animals. It can be on animals in general, or it can be on specific animals, like lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Prussian Queen - Marc Morcos
Marc Morcos 39 months ago

I'm not famous or anything, but this original song is about by Dachshund, so I guess it counts. Right ?

The Wolf - Fever Ray
Daphna Talmi 43 months ago

the new and scary wolf portraial for the upcoming red riding hood soundtrack from fever ray

Dolphins Were Monkeys - Ian Brown
Noa Lahav 45 months ago

And how could we have forgotten this?

Playing Possum - Maxwell
Noa Lahav 45 months ago

Heidi, I dedicate this song to you!

Rabbit Heart (raise it up) - Florence and the Machine
Dror Ohana 45 months ago

great song, great video, awesome singer:)

I just can't wait to be king - The lion King
Abby Taylor 45 months ago

we all know and love our lion king, enjoy =].

Bugs - Pearl jam
Einat Shaul 46 months ago

Bugs count?

45 months ago

of course they do!

46 months ago

best video clip ever! :)

Rock Lobster - B-52's
Romm Lewkowicz 46 months ago

one of the best offers of this underestimated band

46 months ago

Again, genius!

46 months ago

Love it!

Cats - Shy Nobleman
Einat Shaul 46 months ago


The Way Of The Dodo - The Streets
Ido Soen 46 months ago

Soon no longer the streets, Mr. skinner warns us about our self destructing ways, that could lead us to the same fate as the famous extinct bird, the DODO.

46 months ago

Idodo, great choice :-)

46 months ago

I'm nicked after that poor, extinct bird. couldn't leave her out. and I also love this song ;-)

The Monkeys Are Breaking Out The Zoo - Belle and Sebastian
Yif'at Nt 46 months ago

From the children's album Colour Are Brighter, made by indie artists.

Albi The Racist Dragon - Flight of the Conchords
Jimmy Kavanagh 46 months ago

And now it's time for everyone's favourite dragon, Albi!

46 months ago


46 months ago


Bron y aur stomp - Led Zeppelin
Marc Morcos 46 months ago

Robert Plant wrote this song about his dog "Strider"

Cry Wolf - A-ha
Ido Soen 46 months ago

I had this album on casette..ha!

46 months ago

hey I was just about to ass this one!

46 months ago

i have to say soenet, i'm surprised. as the buffalo stance, an awesome song as it is, is actually about a gang of artists and models and that kinda stuf that hanged together, no animals were actually depicted in the making of this song, that was just their name. brilllllliant song tho.

46 months ago

yeah, I wasn't sure..I sticked with the title of the song though, that was the thing I decided upon. does "Zebra" actually talk about a real Zebra? ;-)

45 months ago

This song has been tickling the back of my memory for years. I was beginning to think I dreamt it.

46 months ago

thank god for B-sides

46 months ago

what a great track!

46 months ago

Best Track EVER!

Lullaby - The Cure
Liran Lotker 46 months ago

spiders are people too!

46 months ago

My personal Song of the year

Rattlesnakes - Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
Daphna Talmi 46 months ago

she looks like eve marie saint in on the waterfront

46 months ago

i thought of adding it to girlz.

Human behaviour - bjork
Itamar Jobani 46 months ago

Does human count for animals?