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46 months ago

song about your favorite cities in the world

Singapore - Tom Waits
Darragh O' Donovan 43 months ago

now with a Pirates of the Carribean video... thanks youtube!

44 months ago

Effington could be a wonderful F-ing place.

New York, New York - Ryan Adams

One of my fav Ryan Adams songs and one of my fav New York songs

Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Rani Cohen 45 months ago

....Jerusalem bells are ringing ...

Odessa - Caribou
Yonatan Sagiv 46 months ago

They say Odessa is all the rage now, and the prices are fabulous!

46 months ago

:) on my to do list for 2015! caribou is my 2010 man of the year, so you win

45 months ago


Viva Las Vegas - ZZ Top
Liran Lotker 46 months ago

A cover of The King (which I find more fun than the original)

Shanghai - Ed Harcourt
Natti Baron 46 months ago

Been there, done that.

Welcome to fabulous las vegas - Brandon Flowers
Yonatan Sagiv 46 months ago

I love Las Vegas. As for Brandon Flowers, him I only like.

Yr City's A Sucker - LCD Soundsystem
Ayelet Segev 46 months ago

well, my favorite band, and it's about a city that is a sucker. If they go to that city, it's my favorite city

paradise city - Guns N' Roses
Liran Lotker 46 months ago

Cant beat paradise, now can you?

You Said Something - PJ Harvey
Daphna Talmi 46 months ago

I see the five bridges; the empire state building;...

Panic - The Smiths
Rotem Turgeman 46 months ago

panic on the streets of london!

46 months ago

that's a lot of cities. many points.

46 months ago

but hey, don't we already have a cities theme?

46 months ago

i think there's three of them now. alpha stage has many disadvantages :) but only one opens with duran duran and aeroplane like you like soenet ;)

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